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“The very best permanent makeup Las Vegas has to offer” Permanent makeup perfection.

Who wants permanent makeup? By Theresa Garcia


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“Best Permanent Makeup In Las Vegas Nevada”

The very best permanent makeup technique and pigments in Las Vegas.





If it looks like a tattoo or screams “Hey, I have permanent makeup tattoo on my face” then it is not acceptable. The ideal permanent cosmetic result would look subtle and unassuming. Great permanent makeup should not look like permanent makeup at all.


All over the southwest, there is chatter about Theresa’s 3D Tri-ColorTM process and the permanent cosmetic artist that has taken the industry to new and exciting levels. Finally, blending and shading with the highest quality pigments is in Las Vegas and in the hands of an innovative technician.   


Expect the highest level of technical knowledge, experience and unequalled talent in the art of micropigmentation. With many years as an artist and in the field of aesthetics, Theresa has continued to educate herself and learn the newest techniques as well as train others in her advanced techniques.


See the artists work here and let each before and after picture to say 1000 words.


Remember, schedule a free consultation on line any time! Consultations are included with new procedures or clients may schedule just a consultation prior to their full procedure.



Permanent makeup at it’s absolute very best for the cosmetic aficionado .