3D Permanent Makeup

Just the most natural looking permanent makeup ever! Las Vegas demands a more natural and conservative permanent cosmetic and here it is. Permanent makeup by Theresa in Axiom Spa!

3D Permanent Makeup – What this means in Las Vegas NV


“3D permanent makeup” and 3D eyebrows seem to be advertised more and more in Las Vegas. So what does this mean? How is it different than standard permanent cosmetics? Also, brush stroke, hair stroke and feather stroking are becoming common terms permanent makeup professionals use to describe their work. Is this 3D? NO.

The individual who created 3D Tri-ColorTM Permanent Makeup and 3D eyebrows is Theresa Garcia. The often imitated and terminology and trademark phrases I coined are misleading to consumers.  There is not a single permanent makeup technician in Nevada I have trained or provide the custom equipment for this procedure. My equipment and process are exclusive to me. I trained several apprentice technicians who work in other states but not one who is in Nevada, Henderson or Las Vegas. Unfortunately my process and trademark phrases are enticing to my competitors.  It is upsetting that some competition has illegally used my concept to profit but has no capability to provide what is advertised.

I’ve been told that imitation is a true complement but when a client is mislead it is tragic.

Sadly I have had to issue cease and desist letters from my attorneys office for illegal infringements here in Las Vegas. It is incredibly unsettling. 

No use of my portfolio pictures can be used on competitors sites or printed for your office portfolio!

You can not use my trademark phrases!

Anyone who witness these illegal activities, please email me directly.  Info@inkforgirls.com

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