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“The very best permanent makeup Las Vegas has to offer” Permanent makeup perfection.

Who wants permanent makeup? By Theresa Garcia


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Las Vegas Permanent Correction And Removal By Theresa Garcia
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Permanent makeup correction and removal in Las Vegas.

Fix your permanent makeup or remove it at Axiom.

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Do you just need permanent makeup colour correction?


If you have a simple colour issue, it usually can be corrected. Pink eyebrows are a simple fix as are blue grey tones. Correction of colour is usually not terribly complex and does not typically require a great deal of appointments. Sometimes one appointment is all that is needed to fix your colour and make your permanent cosmetics look just how you always wanted them to look!



Schedule a consultation today! Las Vegas permanent makeup removal and correction services By Theresa. Don’t live with permanent makeup you have to cover with make-up!  



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++++If you have a problem with your permanent makeup shape or colour, it is advised that you return to the original artist and express your concerns. As a permanent makeup professional, your original permanent makeup artist will be best suited to handle your concerns. If your permanent makeup professional is unavailable or unable to handle your concerns, only then should you seek correction or removal with another professional.



Luxury Las Vegas spa services include, microdermabrasion, eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, body waxing for men and women and tattoo removal!

Permanent makeup correction is not always due to negligence of the technician and is not always because the client got a “bad” job done.


Sometimes, clients change their minds down the road. Perhaps they want a softer look, a more bold look or they decide to change their design.




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