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“The very best permanent makeup Las Vegas has to offer” Permanent makeup perfection.

Who wants permanent makeup? By Theresa Garcia


Permanent Makeup Reviews - Permanent Makeup Pictures - Eyelash Extensions

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Las Vegas Permanent Makeup  - Before your procedure

Las Vegas Permanent makeup details of pre procedure info for the best permanent makeup experience.

This is a team effort where we work together. Good communication is a must so you can get exactly what you want. Make sure you have a clear idea of what it is you want your final permanent makeup result to look like. Bring in pictures, your favorite makeup or point out your favorite portfolio pictures.


You will get a detailed after care instructions sheet and this web site is available with after care instructions, in case you misplace your printed sheet. You will come back in about 2-4 weeks for your retouch appointment if needed.

Please make arrangements for your children.

Guests can wait for you in the waiting area. The procedure room is for patients/clients only.



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Las Vegas permanent makeup. Blended, natural, beautiful 702-614-6081. Schedule your free consultation today.

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More About Your Permanent Makeup Procedure

Las Vegas Permanent Makeup Video - Permanent makeup before and after pictures By Theresa


Permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.


Hair simulation permanent eyebrow always require 2 procedures in our Las Vegas location.


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