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Multi Polar RF(Bipolar RF and Tripollar RF) technology offers new scientific development in cellulite treatment, body sculpting, anti-aging and skin tightening. It involves applying electromagnetic (non-ionizing) waves to the body in order to return physiological processes that have slowed down to normal. These waves carry heat and energy deep into the skin creating an endothermic effect that has a positive effect on the lymphatic and vascular systems and on the adipose-connective structures.

Effects of RF+Ultrasonic  on the body:  reduces the phenomena of veno-lymphatic stasis, improves draining and detox, accelerates fat metabolism, stimulates fibroblasts resulting in effective skin firming, improves over all tone.

Effects of RF+Ultrasonic on the face: acts as a skin tensor, fills and smoothes wrinkles, dilates blood vessels, repairs and builds healthy tissue and regenerates,  firms, stimulates circulation, increases oxygen input and cell nutrition. Click Here FOR FACIAL TREATMENTS


Single treatment $149

3 Treatments $299

5 Treatments $ 449






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